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CAD models and plain plastic 3D prints can only go so far in conveying your ideas. Therefore, Colour 3D offers a broad range of services to enable our customers to immediately provide a richer experience in visualizing their products.

Great for marketing and communication purposes. Which is essential for competitive rapid product development. Colour 3D uses cutting-edge software to produce photo-realistic 3D rendered images and interactive visuals for presentations, websites, and social media.

High-resolution full-colour 3D scanning is also available for those wanting to replicate existing objects or digitally modify them. Artists maquettes are a great example. We even have portable equipment that can come to you. Most objects can be scanned and resized before printing.


Security & Privacy

Many of our customers have strict requirements regarding the protection of their IP. Therefore, all parts are produced on-site at our Canning Vale location and nothing is outsourced.


Colour 3D specialises in rich product visualization and model creation. Our attention to detail and more than 30 years of experience in creating immersive marketing and communication material has helped many clients fast-track their product development.

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3D Printing

Our printer uses binder jetting technology to solidify individual layers of fine powder. Adding colour to the binding agent means these individual layers of the model can be coloured in the same way as an inkjet printer prints onto paper. Subsequent layers of powder are laid down and fixed with colour binder until the model is complete. This produces the most amazing full CMYK colour models in 600 x 540 DPI resolution ready to be finished.

Because layers of powder are spread evenly across the entire bed of the machine, any powder that is not bound forms the support structure for the model. This results in complex shapes being easily achievable without the need to remove intricate support structures or deal with the surface finish issues these structures impart on the model. All of the unused powder is recovered by the machine and is recycled ready for use in the next print run. The technology leaves almost no waste which is great for the environment and means our Customers are not paying for material they never see.

Once complete, the models are transferred to our finishing station where they are infiltrated with a choice of materials that penetrate into the model, strengthening the structure and bringing out the vibrant colours.

The process is the fastest available, with a maximum 254 x 381 x 203mm part size and a 28mm per hour vertical print speed, parts can be produced in a fraction of the time it would take other competing technologies. This is why our process is perfect for monochrome models as well.

3D Scanning

Colour 3D provide professional 3D scanning services. We are based in the Perth area but the portability of our equipment means we can travel anywhere to capture your object. The captured data can then be used for many downstream applications including CAD and in the creation of visualization and marketing material.

Using the latest high-tech scanners from Creaform, a leading global manufacturer of high-end scanning equipment, we are able to scan objects large and small with great accuracy and detail, wherever they may be.

We understand that scanning is sometimes only part of the process required to generate a 3D model, so we can also take the scan data, refine the surfaces and output a high-quality solid or surface model suitable for your requirements in many different file formats. Whether you need high quality NURBS surface models or a complete reverse engineering service, Develop-it can help.

We have experience in the aviation, maritime and automotive industries, as well as in mining and heavy engineering. 3d Scanning is the perfect process to rapidly capture the geometry of complex objects for downstream applications. Typically these may include:-

  • Repair of broken, damaged or worn items
  • Overhaul of vehicles, plant or equipment
  • Replacement of failed components
  • Duplication of objects that have no existing digital model
  • Reference objects for creation of new designs
  • Inspection and validation of CAD models to the physical object
  • Preservation for archive or historical purposes

3D Rendering

Our 3D rendering and product visualisation services produce rich, professional quality photo-realistic 3d renderings of your products. The images we produce are suitable for visualising your product, producing presentations, creating catalogues, marketing materials, interactive web content and for any use that requires accurate on demand images.

Different colours, materials and textures can be easily substituted enabling you to make key aesthetic evaluations and decisions way in advance of actual production meaning you can develop the products with the highest marketability possible generating increased demand.

We can use your existing 3d CAD models, leveraging work that has already been done, saving time and cost.

Having professional looking images of your products weeks or even months in advance of having physical parts can give you the competitive edge you need for success. Be ready to go at launch time by having all of your marketing images ready early on in the development cycle.


Full Colour
Max. Build Size: 254 x 381 x 203mm (10 x 15 x 8in)
Layer Thickness: 0.1mm (0.004in)


Professional Quality Precision & Detail

We are a 3D printing specialist. Our mission is to print and develop the best creative solutions with meticulous attention to details.

Click and rotate our 360° interactive visual above.

Colour 3D-3D Print - AU
Colour 3D-3D Print - AU
Colour 3D-3D Print - AU
Colour 3D-3D Print - AU

Get in touch for more information regarding our 3D Product Visualization services.

Please email us your requirements and files for a 3D product visualization, printing, scanning, or rendering quotation. If your file(s) are large, then these may not be suitable for emailing. Please use one of our contact options to get in touch and we will send you a link to upload your files directly to our secure Dropbox location. Alternatively, give us a call or use our contact form.

Perth, Western Australia

Email: info@colour3d.com.au
Phone: 0433 258 007

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